Featured Costume: Fanboy

Deirdre Wingell made this costume for her son. He's a fan!

Okay, so it's not *my* costume from when I was little. Though I had some fabulous ones, I don't think there are any remaining photos of them.  I have fond memories of my mom catering to bizarre whims though so when my fan-obsessed three year old wanted desperately to be a "fan" for Halloween, we made it happen.

It was definitely a group effort.  My son is now 11, but from the time he was an infant he was completely obsessed with fans for some reason.  We don't know why.  It ended shortly around age 4.  This was all he wanted for that Halloween.  The costume is a margarine dish for the front, a Cool-whip container for the back, foam core for the blades and my husband the engineer made sure everything was angled perfectly.    We couldn't figure out how to get them to stick on so we ran to the store to get velcro tape and I made a harness out of it.  Just cut slits in the plastic tubs and threaded it through, hung them over his shoulders and stabilized it around his back.  It didn't look quite finished, so we sent the pics to my mother in law and she said, "It needs a thing like those old fashioned fans" and she was right - so I went to home depot and found a pull chain and THAT made it.  The pull chain in the front made all the difference in the world.

It was the hit of the neighborhood and it took us about two hours to trick or treat that year.  People were taking pictures, going in for full sized candy bars - you know you have a hit on your hands when that happens.

Thanks, Deidre!

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