15 Real-Life Scientists Share Their Favorite Science Fiction

Science fiction stories, books, and movies can inspire as well as entertain, and everyone wants to see a movie pertaining to their own expertise, don’t they? And such books and movies are more enjoyable if you don’t hold them to the high standards of real-life science. But some books will amaze even specialists.

Dr. Chris Stringer, anthropologist at the Natural History Museum in London: "Brazil -- quirky, with humour and horror juxtaposed, and full of little details about the alternative world that Terry Gilliam creates. And Michael Palin outstanding as a nice man turned into a torturer by the system."

Dr. Jack Horner, paleontologist at Montana State University and consultant for Jurassic Park films: "Jurassic Park is my favorite movie because the paleontologist Alan Grant says all the things I would have said if it had not been a movie!! And bringing back dinosaurs is a goal."

Read what tickles the fancy of astrophysicists, biologists, primatologists, and more at HuffPo.

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