Mary Poppins Quits

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Mary Poppins sings, dances, performs magical feats, and keeps a smile on her face while raising a banker’s kids -for $7.25 an hour. Minimum wage means he’d mostly likely pay her even less if it weren’t illegal. That can get to you over time, but Mary still keeps a smile on her face as she explains why she is quitting her job. Kristen Bell stars in the latest video from Funny or Die.  

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Even with the extra money, she's only brought to the edge of the poverty line. If the minimum wage had been linked to inflation, it would be over $10 per hour today. But, I am more in the mood for music and dance than politics, and so I present this:
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Minimum wage will never be a "living" wage no matter how high you make it. Since it's inception in 1938 at $0.25 and it's 23 historical increases it never has pulled people out of poverty or given them a "living wage". I totally agree that there should be a minimum wage. It's increase equally raised with the cost of living, but it is a entry level wage. Smart education and profession choices along with hard work is what brings a "living wage".
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