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The Glorious Leader Kim Jong-Un Finally Has His Own Video Game

(Video Link)

If supreme leader Kim Jong-Un allowed the citizens of North Korea to play video games, especially those evil games produced by the U.S., he might appreciate all the hard work and grand imagery contained within them.

It’s safe to say, however, that he won’t appreciate his appearance in the new video game by Moneyhorse Games called Glorious Leader!...even though he totally should.

I mean, the game co-stars his best buddy Dennis Rodman and features the Glorious Leader riding around on a unicorn with flaming hooves, smashing through all Capitalist swine who dare oppose the magnificent Hermit Kingdom.

It’s like an old school arcade run 'n' gun, only much better because it stars the mightiest man in the universe- Kim Jong Un!

-Via Topless Robot

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