Amazing Photo: A Bat-Eating Spider

(Photo: Martin Nyffeler and Mirjam Knörnschild)

Were you planning on going outside tonight? Well, it doesn't matter. Wherever you are, spiders can get to you. And a whole bat is just an appetizer. Martin Nyffeler of Basel University and Mirjam Knörnschild of Ulm University published a paper last year titled "Bat Predation by Spiders." That means spiders that eat bats.

They found 52 reports of spiders eating bats across every continent except Antarctica.* Many of the attacks were by giant golden orb silk-weavers (Nephilidae), who presumably accept bat flesh when human is not easily attainable. You can see more photos of them here.

-via Dave Barry

*So go to Antarctica to be safe.

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"Amazing Photo: A Bat-Eating Spider"

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