45 Simple Safety Rules For Living Life & Not Dying

Amy found a notebook in which her then-8-year-old-son had written out safety rules. And they are pretty good rules, if a little unclear at times. There are illustrations, too. Some of my favorites:

#5: Never go near a snake where it will hipmotis you.
#8: Never get sqasht by a giant.
#15: Never go to Harry Potter World ware you'll get shot by Voldamort's wand.
#21: Never get chomp't up by a dinosar.
#30: Keep your dey's on my hot glord.
#39: Look and see wats behind you if someone if going to kick you.
#43: Never go in the purple potty.

I will have to keep that one about the purple potty in mind. The others are just as funny. Altogether it sounds like a complete roundup of the type of things an 8-year-old boy thinks about. The illustration goes with #21, and #30 has sparked all manner of speculation. Read the rest at Amalah. -via Metafilter

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"45 Simple Safety Rules For Living Life & Not Dying"

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