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A Most Excellent Goldfish

Redditor brovanz got a new goldfish that came with eyebrows that won't quit, and a marking on the mouth that can be interpreted as a frowning mouth or a lush mustache. You have to admit that's an impressive goldfish. Other redditors were quick to name him, and to draw him. Continue reading to see their work.

Someone suggested that the fish looked like the classic villain who tied a damsel to the railroad tracks. DOWNVOTE_TRAWL responded with this sketch.

Then Lee_Vee did it, too.

IDraw5minutesEarlier drew what I suppose would actually be five minutes later.

MostExaltedLoaf gave the fish a cigar and glasses.

When brovanz posted another picture, GhostDays responded by giving him a makeover. And then a monocle and a pipe.

FmMan3 thought the fish resembled Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters.

And the name? Suggestions include Kanye, Angry Steve, Adolf Fishler, and Mr. Grumpy Gills. But the overwhelming favorite was Groucho, so he is now Groucho.

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Check out Twaggies' very funny clip:

Om Nom - Twaggies by Twaggies
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"A Most Excellent Goldfish"

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