Tetris Nails

Playing Tetris with only your fingers? NAILED IT! Kayleigh O'Connor (featured previously on Neatorama) created this 8-bit work of nail art.

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"Be nice" you say, yet you are promoting a revenge service, which is willing to go so far as "total destruction"? Has anyone, including this service, considered that their clients could include disgruntled employees, who may not have a valid complaint?
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You can disagree, but there's a "be nice" commenting policy on this blog.

That commenting policy is not willy nilly - when we started way back in 2005, this blog's commenting was the wild, wild west. We tolerated almost all kind of expressions of opinions - from supportive comment to pejorative put downs, all in the name of free speech.

The result, however, was clear: people got discouraged from engaging in conversations after other people - under the cloak of Internet anonymity - leave disparaging comments.

We've lost good readers and contributors because some people get their kicks by tearing other people down. Hence our comment policy:

The first rule of commenting on Neatorama is "Don't be a jerk."
The second rule of commenting on Neatorama is "See rule number 1."
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Put downs? I'm not allowed to say that I think [no put downs - admin] Hide this comment, as well, if you want, I don't care, you will have still read it, which was all I really wanted.
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