Cosmetic Surgeon Creates a Display of His Patients' Jawbones

(Photo: unknown)

According to an international society of cosmetic surgeons, "South Koreans are the most cosmetically enhanced people in the world." That is, they go under the knife a lot. It's a big industry and one area of the Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul is filled with cosmetic surgery practices.

One of the clinics there specializes in cutting and shaping human jawbones into appealing forms. Until recently, the surgeon who operates it maintained a hollow plastic display filled with shards of jawbones that he had removed from patients. The two structures were 60 centimeters tall.

Local health officials visited the clinic and informed the doctor that he had violated medical regulations about the disposal of human body parts. They fined him the equivalent of $3,173 USD. He has since removed the display.

-via Rocket News 24