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This Coffee Table is Puzzling and We Love It

It looks like a giant single-colored Rubik's Cube, but it's actually a coffee table. Not only that, but it's actually way more exciting than it looks. That's because the Puzzle Table is more than meets the eye.

The table can be taken apart into five pieces -four smaller ones and a larger center one. It can also be reassembled into different shapes to make it more of a sculpture and less of a table -of course, you'll have to practice the puzzle to get it back into its original cube shape.

If you like cool furniture, Homes and Hues has more great stuff you might enjoy like the Rocking Seat, this playfully happy furniture and the Podpad.

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Check out Twaggies' very funny clip:

Om Nom - Twaggies by Twaggies
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"This Coffee Table is Puzzling and We Love It"

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