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Dramatic Reconstruction of a YouTube Comment Flame War

We all know that YouTube comments are the cesspool of the Interweb. Google decided to try to clean it up by requiring Google+ accounts in order to comment on the world's largest video clip site, a move that proven to be quite unpopular with the unwashed masses, but think what would happened if Google succeeded in taming its comment problems.

We would all miss out on something like this: a dramatic reconstruction by comedy group Dead Parrot of an argument between two YouTubers, "Sophie Danze" and "Jilianlovesthebeibs" on One Direction's music video What Makes You Beautiful.

Watch British actors Grahame Edwards and Eryl Lloyd Parry spar with each other in this clip produced by Adrian Bliss. Warning: NSFW language.

YouTube Clip - via Tastefully Offensive

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Check out Twaggies' very funny clip:

Om Nom - Twaggies by Twaggies
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"Dramatic Reconstruction of a YouTube Comment Flame War"

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