Ericka Jane Mallette's Delightfully Surreal Paintings

Johnny Cash Ostrich Attack


Welcome Home Wookie


Something strange inspires the creative mind of Erika Jane Mallette, an artist in Austin. I’m not sure that I want to know what it is.

But I am impressed with the results. In an interview with Yareah magazine, she describes her work as “dark but colorful, almost cartoony.” That seems about right.

What is Johnny Cash doing in the top painting. That’s a reference to an actual event in Cash’s life. In 1983, an ostrich attacked him on his ranch and broke two of his ribs.

I don’t remember Buddy Holly ever being turned into a reanimated corpse, but that probably happened, too.

-via Joe Carter

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"Ericka Jane Mallette's Delightfully Surreal Paintings"

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