Gotta Know 'Em All

The gathering of vast amounts of information was once a long hard slog, and it took the most dedicated to catalog a lot of it on one subject. In the age of internet, we only need one person to collate all the information on a subject, and then it belongs to all of us. Well, maybe two, for an accuracy check. Get with this times, Buddy! What required "dedicating your life to" a couple of decades ago now only requires a quick download. This comic from Dorkly is funny as long as it isn't your story. Dorkly editor Andrew Bridgman commented:

FYI - this comic was written/drawn about 8 months ago, but we held off on publishing it until we knew the exact number of Pokemon as of X/Y.

It took eight months to get that information? Surely he is being facetious! The newspaper name, the Pallet Town HootHooter, is a bonus. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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"Gotta Know 'Em All"

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