Amputee Survives Four Days in Outback

Raymond "Butch" Beattie of Irvinebank, Queensland, Australia, lost an arm almost forty years ago. He lost a leg in another traffic accident several years later. Now the 55-year-old has cheated death once again, by surviving four days alone in the Outback. Beattie was riding his quad bike with a friend when they became separated. Trying to find his way back to the trail, Beattie wrecked his bike, which went down a cliff. That was last Saturday. Beattie stayed in the same place, waiting for rescue until Wednesday when a Queensland Emergency Service helicopter rescue crew spotted him. 

"The bike was way down and I couldn't walk to it. I started trying to walk down and I was digging my way with my pick," he said.

"I only had about 100ml of water and I didn't think I could walk out on that much water. I didn't have enough energy to walk out.

"It was flaming hot. I had to keep moving because there's not much shade.

"The girth of the tree was all I had."

His small water bottle lasted almost three days, and when that ran out Mr Beattie said he realised he was in "deep s**t".

Beattie is in a hospital recovering from exposure and dehydration. -via Arbroath

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"Amputee Survives Four Days in Outback"

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