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The Shark Whisperer Balances a Shark on Its Nose

Rub a shark's nose and it'll balance itself on your hand. Really? Just try it. I dare you. Anthony Bond writes in The Daily Mail:

While in the Bahamas, Graham Gibson and his wife went scuba diving with Tom the diver who is also, apparently, Lord of the Sharks. The sharks seemed completely docile in the water with Tom, where he was able to induce tonic immobility in the animals, which causes them to become temporarily paralyzed. How did he do this? By rubbing the shark’s nose.

The effect lasts for 15 minutes and isn’t harmful to the sharks in anyway, as most believe it’s merely a defense mechanism. And while they’re paralyzed, you get to take photos of them while you seemingly balance them in your hands!

How do you discover that you have this talent? Or just as important: that you don't?

Link -via Daily of the Day

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