Real Job Opening: Court Jester


Can you play the fool and entertain royalty? A hotel in Vienna may have a job for you:

It's no joke. An Austrian hotel is advertising for a modern-day court fool, who is communicative, extroverted, musical, creative and imaginative.

Applicants are asked to bring — and play — their musical instrument during the job interview. Also welcome: creative costumes. The successful candidate will earn 1,400 euros — around $1,900 — a month.

Hotel director Melanie Franke says those interested should not think they're on a fool's errand in applying. She says the idea is to treat guests like royalty, noting that "jesters were a luxury that royal families indulged themselves in."

Link -via Marginal Revolution

(Image: Jester T-Shirt--now on sale at the NeatoShop!)

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"Real Job Opening: Court Jester"

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