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The First Draft of Star Wars With Green Alien Han Solo Gets Adapted Into a Comic

When George Lucas first wrote down the story that would eventually become Star Wars, it was so different from the finished product that it could stand alone as its own story. That's what J.W. Rinzler thought, but it took him years to convince Lucas to let it be published. Now Dark Horse Comics will release the story in an eight-issue series beginning in September.

“It’s a very different story. It’s not like, ‘Oh, this is a new scene,’” comics writer J.W. Rinzler told Wired. “It’s totally different, and although the characters are still there, they’re also totally different. Luke Skywalker isn’t an eighteen-year-old kid. He’s an old Jedi general with decades of experience. Leia is a princess, but she’s not related to Luke; she has a different mother and father. Han Solo is there, but he’s a giant green alien. A lot of the relationships are all there, they’re all percolating.”

Get an exclusive look at the art from the upcoming series at Wired. Link

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"The First Draft of Star Wars With Green Alien Han Solo Gets Adapted Into a Comic"

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