New Look for He-Man

What do you think? DC Comics has redesigned He-Man for the new Masters of the Universe issue #4, out in July. Your reaction will probably depend on whether you grew up playing with He-Man action figures and watching him on TV and you are very accustomed to the classic Conan-esque look with Prince Valiant hair. Some of the reactions are: He looks too young, like a teenager. He looks too much like a generic superhero when he should be fantasy character. He look too much like Thor. And why is he wearing tights? But others look the look. Link -via io9

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The question is what are Prince Adam and He-man to each other. Adam was always young and unproven. If they're the same age and He-man is just Adam with muscles and a tan, then He-man ought to be in his late teens or twenties.

On the other hand, they could give He-man the full on fantasy Captain Marvel treatment. The sorceress is the wizard Shazaam. Adam is the young Billy Batson to the older He-man/Captain Marvel.
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The 2002 revival looked a bit more realistic than the original. This looks better, but he does look younger. From the old toon, I kind of got the impression he was in his early to mid 30s
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