Gadget Plugs into a Desk Lamp, Creates a Touchscreen Surface


Natan Linder, a doctoral student at MIT, and his colleagues developed the LuminAR. It's a gadget that plugs into a light bulb socket and projects a computer interface onto any flat surface:

inder’s system uses a camera, a projector, and software to recognize objects and project imagery onto or around them, and also to function as a scanner. It connects to the Internet using Wi-Fi. Some capabilities of the prototype, such as object recognition, rely partly on software running on a remote cloud server.

LuminAR could be used to create an additional display on a surface, perhaps to show information related to a task in hand. It can also be used to snap a photo of an object, or of printed documents such as a magazine. A user can then e-mail that photo to a contact by interacting with LuminAR’s projected interface.

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo: MIT Media Lab

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