The Oatmeal on Internet Speed


The Oatmeal just gets me. I couldn't agree more. Warning - Second Half NSFW - Language

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I think this has to do with expectations. The dude in the comic obviously is paying for high-speed internet and it's not delivering what he's paying for.

When I had dial-up, I would logon, open Opera, have the 20 or so saved pages open while I did other things, like make coffee, then return. When I wanted to read another page I would open it, then read something else while it loaded. I was quite happy with this. Oh, I only paid 12-16 bucks monthly.

Now that I pay 80 or so for Comcast Biz class -- it had better be frelling fast.
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Agreed 100%. Slow internet is way, way worse than no internet. My own reaction to a slow internet is not quite as restrained as the second picture, and my eyes bulge a lot more than that!
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