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K-Cup Cocktails


The guys over at Cool Material are trying to get me in trouble. They have come up with a list of mixed drinks using alcohol, sparse ingredients, and your favorite Keurig K-Cups. 

This is a hot version of Bourbon Mint Tea. Go easy on the bourbon cause it will have a strong bourbon flavor (unless you like that kinda thing).

-Pure Peppermint Tea K-Cup
-Knob Creek Whisky
-Dark Brown Sugar

There is Apple Rye Punch, Classic Irish Coffee, even a Moscow Hot Chocolate! I can just see it now…

“Hey Brody, that coffee you have there smells awfully funny.”

“Yeah I know, I was messing around with my Keurig this morning…”

“Yeah I know, I was messing around with my Keurig this morning…”

“Is that alcohol? It’s 9 am! Are you drunk?!?”

“Don’t judge me…”

Thanks guys, I was just starting to like this job too. Check out all their diabolical concoctions over at Cool Material.

-Thanks Mike for the heads up 

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