Belgium-Sized Mass of Floating Volcanic Rock Spotted off New Zealand

volcanic rock

What you're looking at is a huge mass of pumice--volcanic rock that can float. Aircraft and naval vessels from New Zealand are studying the 10,000-square mile body which is likely the product of a recent underwater volcanic eruption:

The stretch of golf-ball-size pumice rocks was first spotted this week by a New Zealand air force plane about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) northeast of Auckland. The rocks stretch for about 26,000 square kilometers (10,000 square miles). [...]

Scientists say the rocks likely spewed up in an eruption by an underwater volcano.

Link -via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo: New Zealand Defense Force

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"Belgium-Sized" - c'mon! 'mericans don't know where or what size Belgium is! (to make this somewhat constructive - New Hampshire and Vermont are both just under 10k sq. miles)
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"Belgium-Sized Mass of Floating Volcanic Rock Spotted off New Zealand"

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