A Toyota Lamborghini?

Want a Lamborghini but only have about $66,000? Well, you can always settle for all the style and none of the substance with this sweet Toyota MR2 disguised as the famous speedster. Personally, I'd rather buy a decent used car and put a down payment on a house.


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Hold on! $66,000 for a car that goes, stops and handles like a nineties MR2? I don't care what it looks like, you could buy a genuine Lambo of a similar age to the Toyota for that sort of money.

Having said that it seems this sort of idiocy is rife. There are a couple of Lambo lookalikes on ebay.co.uk for similar money. One is a Murcielago lookalike, but weirdly the other is a Diablo replica. That's right you can buy a Diablo lookalike for the same sort of money as you would pay for the real thing. Better yet the lookalike is powered by a Rover V8 engine. Yup, a 1960s Buick 215 being used to "replicate" a 6 litre (ish) quad cam V12 producing 500 or more horsepower. Makes sense. Not.
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"A Toyota Lamborghini?"

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