How a Microwave Oven Works

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Would you like to learn how a microwave oven works? Did you even know people used to refer to them as microwave "ovens?" I said that and confused my kids, as they have only called that most useful of appliance "microwave." One thought the toaster oven must be this mysterious "microwave oven" I mentioned. Anyway, in this video, Bill Hammack, the Engineer Guy, explains the magic in the microwave. -via The Daily What Geek

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"We gotta install microwave ovens /
Custom kitchen deliveries /
We gotta move these refrigerators /
We gotta move these color TV's"

The "color" part of "color TV" will likely also throw your kids - what else is there besides colors?
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Hmm.. My gamerig opreates at 2,4GHz.. It's a microwave, god damnit...I wonder if i would sync every component to produce uniform 101010101010 could i cook an egg inside it? There's 500W of power to use..
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