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Fiat Photobombs Volkswagen on Google Street View

That's not a Beetle, but a Fiat. And it was parked right in front of the headquarters of Volkswagen's Swedish division as a Google Street View car drove by.

Alternatively, as one MArooned commenter points out, maybe the car isn't parked. Maybe that's just where it broke down.

It is, after all, a Fiat.

Link -via MArooned

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"Maybe that’s just where it broke down.
It is, after all, a Fiat." Oh, really? Have you driven a Fiat that is less than 35 years old? Does a Toyota Corona have anything in common with a recent Camry? What does today's Beetle share with one from 1972? Fiat started making a big effort to cure problem areas in 1978. They left the US market in '83 because of a weak dealer network (not a weak product). They have continued to update and improve since then. I drove a newer Fiat in Spain a few years ago, and it was MUCH more refined than those from the problem years of the early seventies. Maybe you can entertain us with a fresh Agnew joke instead!
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"Wow they're really socking it to that Agnew guy; he must work there or something."

Jeep/Chrysler quality went way up after the Fiat merger...
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