Ridiculously Obvious Identity Theft

When I first saw this picture I thought "When did Jack Nicholson move to Brazil? And why did he change his name?" Then I actually read the article and discovered that this ID card is actually the handiwork of a rather moronic man trying to pass for South America's answer to Jack Nicholson. Here's the scoop:
A man from the northeastern Brazilian city of Recife was arrested today and charged with falsifying public documents after he attempted to open a bank account using an ID with a photo of world-renowned actor Jack Nicholson.

It was one of several ID cards found on his person. The Brazilian news portal G1 notes that the 41-year-old does not resemble Mr. Nicholson.

So, either the guy is totally nuts, or he thought that using a photo of a globally recognizable movie star, especially when he looks nothing like said star, would be a great way to get a fresh perspective on his life. Too bad he didn't try out for As Good As It Gets 2 before getting caught!


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"Ridiculously Obvious Identity Theft"

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