Apocalypse Later, Surf Now - A Not So Endless Summer

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 YouTuber keef70 decided to use 3d and visual effects software to spice up his surf videos, and in my opinion he did a great job! Here's what led to making this ambitious short:

I wanted to learn more about digital filming, formats, and editing and since I surfed, the GoPro seemed like a natural place to start. I figured after filming and editing a few vids I could move up to something like a Canon 7d, 5d, or the Nikon equivalent.

I got the idea for this after looking through all my footage and I've always been curious how effects artists match CG with filmed footage...

So I decided to figure out what software I needed and do it. That's why it took me a year to do, because I was learning the software as I was doing it.

I could see this becoming a new trend in extreme sports videos, because nothing says extreme like explosions in the sky!

--via Geeks Are Sexy

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"Apocalypse Later, Surf Now - A Not So Endless Summer"

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