Get Your Drink On With These Geeky Cocktails

It doesn't take a lot of talent or imagination to come up with a new cocktail, especially if you like to sip on the strong stuff on a regular basis. Drinkers know what tastes good, what goes well together, and how to make your drink turn a pretty color in the glass, all without ever needing to crack open a Bartender's Bible.

These recipes aren't going to win any awards for being the most creative concoctions, but that's not the point-the point is they are all based on geek culture, and actually apply quite well to the characters from which they draw inspiration.

So, let the Drunken Moogle pour you a delicious sounding Dirt Block (Minecraft), or blow fireballs with a Charizard (Pokemon), all while drinking in moderation, of course.


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"Get Your Drink On With These Geeky Cocktails"

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