The Most Extreme Santas On Earth

We don't tend to think of Santa as being much of a risk taker, but really, it's pretty brave to trust flying reindeer to tow you through the sky before you jump down a chimney. So really this Huffington Post slide show featuring Santa bungee jumping, swimming with sharks and doing other outrageous activities really shouldn't be that shocking.


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Santa is very dedicated to his work. Nothing will prevent him from taking his presents wherever kids may be found. I'm not sure how a bungee cord will help him do that, though.
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Not to diminish Santa's manly pursuits, but in the picture I saw, he's hanging with a whale shark. That is an extremely lucky and cool tourist activity, but not very life-threatening. A "Dude, wooowww" moment, not a "Whoa, dude" one.
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These always make me wonder how many children have been traumatised for life when they've seen Santa get bit by a shark, his bungee rope break, him plummet off a cliff, get trampled by sheep...

Although my money's on the real Santa being the one at the optometrist.
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"The Most Extreme Santas On Earth"

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