The Amazing Origami Automatic Stroller

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Anyone who has dealt with collapsing and reopening a baby stroller knows it can be a real pain. And when you're a parent trying to juggle kids, bags of baby gear and your shopping, the last thing you want to do is monkey around with a stroller that just won't collapse properly.

The 4Moms company has created the solution to this problem: a stroller that collapses and reopens itself with the touch of a button. Watch the product demonstration video and decide for yourself if it's worth the $849 price tag.

Link --via TechCrunch

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Cool but I don't think it's practical. Sometimes simple cheap and dependable beat fanciful and automatic.
Folding Umbrella strollers are small, lightweight, and cheap.
Last thing I want to worry about is if I charged my stoller only to get to the store and find I've got a heavy inert lump of plastic surrounded by screaming kids.
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Well from the looks of it, the kid would be kinda..popped out rather than squished. I do think a very similar effect could be achieved purely mechanically. Still cool though, agreed about the charger and lights though. I think a stroller with motor assisted movement and an auto-follow feature would be cooler though ;)
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This could be really helpful for disabled parents. But I'd want to learn how much it weighs before buying it. A stroller should be lightweight so that it's easy to get it into and out of a car trunk.

The running lights and cell phone charger are nice.
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