The Beer That Tastes Like Breakfast

Continuing the tradition of making every food product ever taste like bacon, Rogue has released a beer that's sure to be Homer Simpson approved. Called the Voodoo Doughnut, this ale is bacon maple flavored, and comes in a horrifyingly pink bottle. Getting drunk first thing in the morning never tasted so good!


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The bacon connection is due to the fact that voodoo doughnut is believed to have "invented" the bacon and maple syrup doughnut
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RE: Hoof Hearted... I would assume it is an homage or something similar to Voodoo Donut. Voodoo's famous for both their bacon-maple bar and their pink box. This beer is bacon flavored in a pink bottle...get it?
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Voodoo Donut is a hugely popular donut shop in portland oregon, Rogue is an oregon beer. I dont understand the bacon connection on the marketing. A beer bottle with a donut name,ok. If it tasted like pepto maybe you could say "well the bottle is pink" but if your gonna make a bacon flavor beer maybe you should use some bacon advertising of some sort. Might as well have a picture of motor oil on the front.
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