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What Cartoon Kids Look Like All Grown Up

If our favorite toon people were allowed to age, which of course they're NOT, we might not like how they turn out. Head to the link and witness a gallery of adult versions of cartoon children that is cute, funny and somewhat disturbing.

This gallery made me think the following:

How did Spongebob grow up to be so creepy? Did Mike from Monsters Inc. take steroids? Are Lilo and Stitch more than just friends?

Will we be able to look at these characters in the same way ever again?


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Agh, sometimes I can't stand when fanart is grouped/generalized like that. Mostly I'm reminded of the thumbnail of "What if Pixar made X-Men?!" and the image is a 3D illustration someone did of a baby Magneto. It's not 'what if Pixar did this' it's 'hey, look! this artist did this.' /rant

Also the Hey Arnold one is creepy for sure.
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The final episode of Daria showed what all the various characters looked like grown up.

And I'm pretty sure that Mike from Monsters Inc is already an adult.
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I wish I could draw :( two of my faves below.
Scooby Doo
A more 'Calvin and Hobbes' Calvin and Hobbes

I hope you know that I hate you.
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