How A Pet Skunk Celebrates Her Birthday

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Apparently Peaches doesn't get treats like this all too often, but it was her birthday after all.

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Seal that cat door!! Else... put a hand-full of mothballs in a sock (pantie hose work best) and hang it on-over-around-near the cat door. They hate that stuff and *will* stay away. Fox urine (could be diffucult to find) also works but the mothballs are cheaper.
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i have called animal control, they said they consider skunks to be "pests" and we have to call pest control. they say the same thing about racoons - we used to have a racoon problem but i scared them away. skunks are harder to scare away because they will spray if i threaten them.

anyway the pest control places want $200+ to set traps and they don't guarantee it will work and i just don't have the money right now.

as a matter of fact, i made my comment at 3AM and went to sleep - at 5:15 they woke me up again. i'm so tired of them :(
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@joe2 - they must not be that stupid if they are getting in your house through the cat door.

And perhaps people should be informed about skunks and rabies - instead of just posting "OMG!! Skunks have rabies!!"
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