Longcat is Long

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Stewie is a Maine Coon cat, but I suspect there may be a bit of lynx or bobcat in his ancestral lineage, dontcha think? In August of 2010, Stewie was measured at 48.5 inches long, good enough for a world record. His owners are Americans Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness. -via Buzzfeed

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My boy's a Maine Coon and they're not large as much as they are long and thin -- with a ton of fluffy fur. His pewps aren't any bigger than any other cat's litter bombs. He's ridiculously affectionate, too. Everytime I sit down at the puter, he jumps up and starts in with the PePe LePew treatment.
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Ah yes... we used to have 2 cats and that was enough. We only have the one now and yeah.. I won't touch it, that's my husband's job :P
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For the record... I would rather clean up after one large cat than a multi-cat box. We have four cats, despite the fact that I keep telling the kids my limit is two.
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