U.S. Residents Grade their States

Residents were asked to rate their states among factors such as economy, education, and things to do. In total, 293 people responded with an average of 5 per state. Click the link to see the report cards.

Link -via Boing Boing | See also The United States of Shame.

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Frankinbeans: in statistics, the size of the population doesn't really matter when considering sample size. A sample of 293 is sufficient, regardless of the size of the population. However, the problem here isn't the 293; it's the 5. A sample size of 5 has a HUGE margin of error, which makes the state-by-state ratings completely meaningless. I can't believe someone took the time to create a graphic for such worthless data.
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An average of five per state is totally useless, to say nothing of the fact that self-rating on these complex issues is doubly totally useless. Making it at least 250% useless by my totally useless count.
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"U.S. Residents Grade their States"

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