Box of 30 Eggs Has 29 Double Yolks

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This video shows Charlotte Matthews, a cake decorator, cracking open a long series of eggs, all but one of which contains a double yolk. She says that after thirteen double yolks, she asked her husband to begin recording this amazing coincidence. The Rochdale Observer reports:

According to the the British Egg Information Service the chance of getting a double yolk is one in 1,000.

So the odds of opening 29 on the trot are one in 1,000 to the power of 29 - or one followed by 87 zeros.

Charlotte, who lives in College Bank, Rochdale, with her husband Gavin and daughter Kacey, bought the £2.39 tray of Smartprice eggs from Asda in Rochdale

She added: "They did feel a little bit bigger and heavier than normal eggs.

Do you think that this is real?

Link -via Doobybrain

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Although the circumstances that lead to double-yolk eggs may not yet have been investigated, because of the way that eggs are handled, these more than likely came from a fairly close group of chickens living under the same conditions in the same location. In fact, they are likely close cousins or even sisters. I expect that whatever conditions or unusual occurrence that led to one hen laying a few double-yolk eggs caused a cluster of hens to do so. If the pallets surrounding this one from the egg-gathering process could be found, they probably also contain large numbers of double-yolk eggs.
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I love double-yolk eggs! In Toronto we used to be able to buy cartons of eggs specifically labeled as double-yolk eggs. I guess with all that crap about cholesterol and all they stopped doing it. Boo!
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I actually had this happen to me in 1993. I had 11 double yolks in a dozen eggs. My brother laughed and told me of an old wives tale that said I was pregnant. I had just gotten married two months before. You guessed it, 2 weeks later the test came back positive. That is the only time it has happened to me.
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I agree with Jessss that the odds are misleading. They're from the same source so it's hardly random.

We had a pack of 30 eggs once where I think all of them had double yolks (or at least very close to all) - it was about 15 years ago and we haven't had it since. We bought them at a local grocer which was not our usual custom - we generally pick eggs up from the supermarket. Quite surprised at first - but then we proceeded to use them like normal eggs. I guess my family is not that excitable!
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