Bikini-Swiping Cat Burglar

I hate to use the word "literally" but I think it's appropriate here. Dusty, a 5-year-old feline from San Mateo, routinely sneaks out at night to nab the neighbors' swimwear, among other interesting treasures. Whatever his motives, Dusty's kleptomania has become something of a joke in his neighborhood. (Is it all right to make a purr-petrator joke? No? Okay.)
Owner Jean Chu told the San Francisco Chronicle he has pilfered gloves, towels, shoes and more since she adopted him from the Humane Society.

"I noticed a piece of latex glove on the bed one morning and told my husband he should do a better job cleaning up his work stuff," Jean Chu, whose husband is an artist, told the Chronicle. "He said, 'It wasn't me. I think it was the cat.' "

Dusty has a special love for swimsuits.

"He stole my bikini," Kelly McLellan, who lives a few doors up the street, said to the Chronicle. "He did it in two trips. He was very focused on keeping the ensemble. When it went missing I wasn't worried, though. I knew where to go."

Experts say Dusty's predatory instincts have gone astray, leaving him hunting for people's stuff.

The cat's thieving has made him a minor celebrity.

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