Student Paid Tuition with $1 Bills

Fed up with the ever-increasing cost of higher education, University of Colorado student Nic Ramos decided to pay his $14,000 tuition in cash. Specifically, with $1 bills:

You don't often get to go to banks and walk out with a suitcase full of cash ... Nic Ramos said staff were ''not too pleased'' at having to count $14,000 in single dollar bills.

Link [self-starting video clip]

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I wish I would have done that, but only if I knew that there was a work study student that could count it. My school is tiny (about 150 students) and we barely get any work-study hours (I got 4 hours for December).
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Most decent Uni's have a waiting list to get in - they should have kicked this guy to the curb and accepted someone that wasn't a whinny little git.

Don't like the price - someplace there's a paper hat or shovel with your name on it.
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He made their job needlessly difficult, and accomplished nothing. Everybody already knows tuition is expensive.

I hope he has a decent major and isn't wasting that $14K.
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