10 Major Phone Number Typos

People dial wrong numbers all the time. What can really get you in trouble is printing the wrong phone number, especially on a product or advertisement or in a catalog. That mistake is compounded by the fact that so many toll-free long distance numbers are phone sex lines. The most recent case is Chad Ochocinco’s cereal boxes.
1.  Ochocinco meant well by printing a request for donations to a charity called Feed the Children on his new cereal, but people calling to hand over some money actually may have been “donating” to an organization of the not-so-charitable kind: a phone sex line.  For the record, the number on the box was 1-800-HELP-FTC when it should have been 1-888.  Whoops!  Funnily enough, the day the cereal came out, Ochocinco Tweeted, “order my cereal OCHOCINCOS.  Start your day with a lil suga!” Insert immature giggles here.

Stacy Conradt put together a list of the ten most notorious phone number mistakes for mental_floss. Link

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My father's department at work had a number that was one different from a pizza parlor, and he and his co-workers would cheerfully "take orders"/screw around with callers.
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In the 80's my ph# was one digit off from a local radio station, and I got calls all the time for requests (which I promised to play) and people wondering if they were the 6th or whatever caller, I would tell them to come on down to the station. Someone figured it out and started threatening me over the phone. Scary, so I stopped doing that.
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just read a story about a man in Florida named Justin Bieber.. he gets an average of 300 calls a day from fans of the lil brat with the same name.... and has even been banned from FB for "impersonating" a celebrity....

we always used to pull the 1800 GM TRUCKS prank on buddies in high school.
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