The Odd Tales of 5 People Named After Brands or Products

The recent internet rediscovery of Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer reminds us of a few other poor souls whose parents were at a loss when filling in the birth certificate. Flavorwire tracked Sawyer and a few others down and tells their stories.
Apparently, she was named after two of her hippie parents’ favorite refreshments, and according to Sawyer, her mom’s logic went something like this: “She said that she knew when I was born that you could take this name and go around the world with it. At the time as a child, I’m thinking yeah, right. You named my older sister Kimberly. You named my younger sister Robin.” Although she struggled early on in school and endured a difficult family life, Sawyer left home at 15, became a serious student, and has now succeeded despite her name.

Also read about ESPN Montana, Ikea, Vista Avalon, and Wrigley Alexander Fields. Link

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Has anyone ever told her that we're not bound to our names for our entire lifetime? If it's so rough to have a "bad" or "odd" name- then go change it! Singned- Booger Hitler Weaselteats esq.
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"The Odd Tales of 5 People Named After Brands or Products"

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