This Is the Future of Air Travel

Aviointeriors, an Italian design firm, unveiled its vision for a jetliner interior with increased passenger capacity. Passengers will be able to fit into a smaller space:

They'd sit at an angle with no more than 23 inches between their perch and the seat in front of them — a design that could appeal to low-cost airlines that have floated the idea of offering passengers standing-room tickets on short flights.[...]

"We feel extremely confident that this concept will ... have great appeal to airlines for economic purposes," says Dominique Menoud, director general of Aviointeriors Group.

Link via DVICE | Photo: Aviointeriors

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It may have appeal with airlines, but what about their passengers (or ex-passengers who decide to switch to a different airline)?

There's no way this position can be comfortable!

Also how are kids, the elderly, people who are very short, people who are disabled (I'm a wheelchair user myself who wouldn't last 2 seconds in a seat like this (if I could even get in it) before I smashed headfirst into the seat ahead of me (should I be thankful it's really close?) and sliding onto the floor...

I think the "designers" and head of any airlines interested should be made to do a couple of long-haul flights in these "seats"! I bet they wouldn't make it through the first couple of hours...
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Look at how skinny that model is (compared to the cows I normally sit next to.) and she's ALREADY taking up both armrests.

The airlines need to stop trying to fit more people in less space, and start putting 2 armrests on EACH seat, instead of 4 armrests for 3 seats.

As for kissing the seat in front of me, that's absurd as well.
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"This Is the Future of Air Travel"

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