15 DIY Plumbing Disasters

One thing that can make you feel better about the weird things in your home is to see how much worse it could be. A plumbing information site compiled stories, links, and videos of plumbing disasters that range from "substandard" to "Rube Goldberg"! Link -via Dark Roasted Blend

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Re: "Nothing wrong with that plumbing" (xoxoxoBruce) I beg to differ...! I spent several years plumbing pool and spa "power-packs", and I am here to tell you: that filter will RARELY get the cleaning it deserves! The owner will need to spread-eagle and hold a painful stance to get the job done, and he'll be CURSING the whole time. I would always "Play Chess" with all the various components needed for a job (as long as necessary) until the most "straightforward-&-SERVICEABLE" arrangement fell into place. THEN, cut and glue. Just like that old adage, "measure thrice, cut once"...! Cheers~
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Nothing wrong with that plumbing, that's what it takes to plumb an inground pool with a couple drains, a skimmer, filters, feedwater and back-flushing.
Kudos to the guy for making it compact, instead of spreading it over half the yard.
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"15 DIY Plumbing Disasters"

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