Chinese Tattoo Translation Service

Tian offers the blog Hanzi Smatter as a public service to people who have Chinese characters tattooed on their bodies, but aren't sure what they mean. Email him a picture, and he'll translate it for you. The picture on the left was sent along with this note:


I just stumbled across your blog and thought that you could assist me in verifying the meaning of my tattoo. I did them myself late one night a couple years back while apprenticing at a tattoo parlor.


J. S.

Tian says that the characters mean "bitter idiot".

Link via The Agitator

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Hehehe...I stumbled upon that blog from someplace else a few months ago and it's a great read. My favorite translation was the one where a guy wrote asking about a co-worker's tattoo that she thought said "Bitch".

I laughed myself into a coughing fit when I read Tian's reply saying those characters literally translated to "Cheap Whore"!
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