Cachtice Castle, Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and the Murders of Vienna


Nestled in a chest of drawers existed a list of names of those lives that succumb to the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory. For years, Bathory's sadistic killing spree went unnoticed as she left a trail of blood from Cachtice Castle to her abode in Vienna.

In Bathory’s Vienna Mansion, her cellar acted as a sadistic torture chamber, fashioned with a cage of spikes. The spikes could be raised or lowered by using as a pulley. Peasant girls and seamstresses with ample bosoms were locked in the cage, while Elizabeth Bathory’s maid Dorothea Szentes prodded the girls with a red hot poker. Elizabeth Bathory would shout perverse words at the girls, forcing them to be impaled upon a spike. She would later bath in their blood, believing it would preserve her youth.


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"Cachtice Castle, Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and the Murders of Vienna"

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