Mysterious Horse Boy Reappears on Google Street View

A man wearing a fake horse's head -- or, alternatively, a man who has the head of a horse -- was spotted on Google Street View's presentation of Aberdeen, UK. This mysterious creature has reappeared on a different image:

While no-one knows who Horse Boy is or what the point of him is, there are theories. Some bloggers think he will turn out to have been part of a corporate publicity stunt. Others point out that buying a plastic horse mask is not beyond the wit of man. A commenter on the BBC website said: "Horse boy isn't a person, it's a cheap mask - for example I saw at least three people wearing similar heads at this year's Download Festival in Donington."

Nonetheless he has become an international phenomenon. Stefan Kleen from Germany said he met horse-boy at a festival: "He only spoke English so we didn't really talk a lot to him." He has also apparently been spotted in Norwich and Cardiff.

In the comments, express your hypothesis on the nature of Horse Boy. The weirder, the better.

Link | Photo: Google

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Hey! I live in Rochester NY, too! Was this anywhere near Gates? That's where I am.

Also, the lead singer of Sparklehorse use to wear one of those often. But he, unfortunately, passed away.
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I just saw horse boy riding his bike down my street in Rochester, NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was out on the front porch smoking a cig, and along comes a guy with a horse head speeding up the street on his bike...I said holy s@%* it's horse boy!!!!
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