Hipster Fashion Cycle


The infographic above deconstructs the natural cycle of hipster fashion, using the example of a hat. Do our findings line up what you’ve seen?

Fashion trends come and go. This  infographic shows the fickleness of fashion,

Link - Via Cakehead Loves Evil

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You’re all posers! In fact, everyone who commented to this post is a poser... wait a minute, that means I’m a poser too! CONTRADICTION ALERT! BRAIN OVERLOAD!
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The Outsider to Precipice stage is what fascinates me. If I sported a goofy hat or accessory, people would think:

Doesn't she know how stupid that looks?


She must really want attention. Geez!

Yet I can think of a few people who, if spotted wearing the same thing, would make people think

That's pretty clever! Why didn't I think of that? or That's what I like about her. She lives by her own rules!
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I'm foreign (ie not American) and don't really understand what is meant by 'hipster' - Can anyone tell me whereabouts on that graph represents what is meant by hipsters?
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