US States with Coastal Borders

I love a good geography quiz! The United States has 23 states that border the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico. In this quiz from mental_floss, you are challenged to name all 23 in three minutes. I did it with a half-minute to spare! And I would have done it faster if I could type as well as I read a mental map. Link

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I forgot about New Jersey (even though I'm currently living in New York
I agree that it is too much time. It shouldn't be that difficult to name them. Maybe in a minute. Then, you wouldn't really have time to think.

On a side note, I had difficulty spelling some of those states. ha ha. Geography--I'm not bad; Spelling--forget about it.
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Took me 55 seconds. Would have been faster if I could type faster. Helps that I've lived on both coasts. But really, should this be a problem for any American?
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