The 11 Ugliest Statues in the World

Joshua Keating of Foreign Policy magazine has a slideshow of what he considers to be the ugliest monumental statues in public display in the world. Pictured above is one of Tsar Peter I (the Great) of Russia, known for building that country's first navy:

Just because communism ended doesn't mean that Russia has stopped building grotesque, propagandistic statues. The master of the form is Georgian-born artist Zurab Tsereteli, best known for the garish 315-foot maritime statue of Peter the Great looming over the Moskva River. The statue was commissioned by Tsereteli's frequent booster, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, and has fast become a popular tourist attraction, if not exactly for the reasons its planners hoped.

Link via Hell in a Handbasket | Photo: flickr user Effervescing Elephant, used under Creative Commons license

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The giant vag, and the Rocky statues were the only ones I thought were ugly.
I actually like the one pictured here. It's interesting.
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Sculptor: So, I did this awesome statue for you. it's a sea-going vessel! isn't it great!

Clients: It needs more. Maybe put a giant world explorer on the ship. And stuff beneath the waves.

Sculptor: uh ... okay.


Sculptor: So I did this statue for you! I added the stuff and the giant man. I hope you ... like ... it.

Clients: The waves need to be more scrolly and add more flags. Also, make his chest bigger.


Sculptor: Okay, so here it is.

Client: Wow! That's great!

Sculptor: Do you have my paycheck? Please don't put my name on that thing.
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