Inverse-Square Law Tattoo

Atlanta-based photographer Erik Dixon got a tattoo illustrating the inverse square law, which " the physics equation for the fall off rate of light radiating from a source point. Something I use every time I shoot. This also applies to gravity and sound."

If you were to get an intellectual tattoo, what would it be?

Link | Photo: Erik Dixon/Geeky Tattoos

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Intellectual tattoo....

Among several ohers, I also have a big totally continuous triskele widely overlapping one of my shoulderblades. I'd like to someday somewhere add a möbius-strip- possibly around my upper arm, combined with an infinite-sign (the lemniscate) and done in some celtic style.

...But I'm not really sure I would see my tattoos as "intellectual"...
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I've been juggling with the idea of a tattoo with the hymn from the Jupiter Suite from Holst's 'The Planets'. Not sure if that's intellectual but it's pretty nerdy :D
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The accounting equation "A = L+SE"
Assets equals libalites plus shareholders equity. For a true accountant it is beautiful in its symplicity, but can be used to explain 95% of all accounting entries.
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My husband has a huge tattoo on his chest with a banner with the fundamental theory of calculus running through a serpinski's triangle with a fractal as the background.
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