The Tiny Origami of Mui-Ling Teh

Canadian artist Mui-Ling Teh makes miniature works of origami, such as this boat, which was made from a 6x10mm piece of paper. Of her work, she wrote:

I began folding my series of miniature models around the beginning of April 2008. One day I took a random strip of paper and cut a square to fold a crane out of it. I was daydreaming so I wasn’t paying attention to how small the paper was. After completing the crane I realized it was rather tiny. This is the crane I present in my piece called Born from the Hand. I only used tweezers for the last few folds. The paper size must have been about 15×15mm. After I folded that crane I decided to try folding an even smaller crane, which I present in Born from Fingers and Born from the Pinky. I also began folding various other models in miniature form. As the pieces were gettting smaller or more complex. I needed to rely on tweezers more often. The smallest work I’ve created to date was Born from the Cell which was folded from a 3×3mm piece of trace paper. However when it gets that small it becomes very difficult to take a photo of; especially with a simple point and shoot camera. Normally I fold something at a size that can be photographed for a particular concept while still being impressively small.

Link via DudeCraft | Photo: Mui-Ling Teh

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I want in on the fame too, bill! I can make a crane from a 10mm piece of paper, and don't need some tweezers to do it either. The secret is to use really thin paper, I use my dad's cigarette paper.
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